Spend USD 49.3 M to Entertain Employees, World’s Best Boss?

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Some employees may be jealous of what is earned by employees in the company money.co.uk. By working there they get various advantages, namely beer and a free gym.

Not only that, they are also free of any vacation once a year and awarded 5,000 pounds sterling to be donated to the charity of their own choice.
It is the work of Chris Morling, founder and managing director money.co.uk whose mission is to create “the best place to work”.

“Caring for my team is the most important thing … they are my most valuable asset,” said Morling as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (18/01/2017).

Do not stop there, Morling also renovating the company headquarters is located in a castle in Cirencester, Gloucestershire with poured funds amounting to 3 million pounds sterling, or approximately USD 49.3 billion.

To renovate the building, he consulted with 50 employees and collaborated with celebrity interior designer, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Currently, the company’s employees can enjoy a wide range of office facilities and unique, like a conference room that doubles as an ice cave, cinema-themed Star Wars, and a toilet with a Rolling Stones theme.
“It’s about making this place to be amazing, productive place to work,” said Morling. “What we do is designed everything in accordance with the needs of the team.”

“Some people want to stand while working, someone chooses to work alone. In the end it comes down to create a space where you feel comfortable,” added Morling.

Morling explained that he used the services of the flamboyant designer is famous because it requires someone who thinks differently. Llewelyn-Bowen sees the project as an opportunity to redefine the interior of the “ugly, unfriendly, and not creative” into a modern work space.
The design will also emphasize the humor and social interaction, which is equipped with a popcorn machine, table play, and cinema-themed Star Wars to add the impression of playing.

In addition, employees money.co.uk also benefit by the availability of free gym, yoga studio, and working hours fleskibel. Once a month, they held a lunch and dinner familiarity.

Although British castle is seen as a place that is too fancy for a company that has only 50 employees, Morling insist that it is really an effective option when compared to constructing a building in London.
“The physical environment is amazing just a small part puzzle when you create an exceptional place to work,” said Morling.

“When your team really feel valued and their opinions be heard, they will feel helpless and it was much more valuable than the benefits we offer,” added the man dubbed a number of parties as the best boss in the world.

London property market sees the return of gazumping

The practice of gazumping, which most of us had hoped was a thing of the past, has returned to the London market with a vengeance recently, coming hot on the heels of a dramatic increase in the property market across the capital.

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Figures from the Land Registry showed that December 2019 saw house prices enjoy an upward swing of 2.3% in London, representing the fastest surge in five years.

New era of certainty

Analysts are almost universally attributing the cause of this growth to the decisive result in December’s General Election, which saw some certainty emerge from the years of Brexit negotiations and Parliamentary harrumphing since the Referendum in 2016.

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Agents are reporting a massive resurgence in the need for busy open house viewings, with multiple interested potential buyers visiting a property, followed by sealed bids and prospective buyers providing “best and final” offers.

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The return of the gazumpers

For the first time in around five years, estate agents are reporting that vendors are receiving higher bids following the acceptance of an offer. This is even happening when offers are accepted that are the full asking price. Houses and apartments in fashionable areas of London, such as Hyde Park and Marylebone, are going for up to 20% above the asking price following record levels of viewings, which have in turn led to improved hit rates for offers.

Even properties that have languished on the market for many months are enjoying some attention now, with a particular property in Queens Gardens that has been on the market since early 2018 about to close at its original asking price of just shy of £1 million. At its nadir, the apartment received an offer of £200,000.

Beating the gazumpers

In order to avoid being gazumped, Zoopla recommends that buyers are organised before making an offer. Ensure you have an agreement in principle in place for a mortgage as well as a proactive solicitor who is willing to chase down searches and documentation.

This will reduce the time from offer being placed to the exchange, limiting the chances of being gazumped.

Additionally, getting the vendor to agree to take the property off the market as a condition of accepting your offer can help greatly.

A beginner’s guide to checking and agreeing an inventory

An accurate inventory is very important to help to prevent disputes over deposits in the future, but what is an inventory and how do you agree one? Read on to find out!

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Inventories explained

Whether they are prepared by a professional property inventory clerk or a first-time landlord, an inventory is a record of what is in a property and the condition of it, both at the start of a tenancy and at the end.

At the beginning of a tenancy, your landlord should draw up the inventory for you recording the condition of the property. Another inventory should be done when you move out.

An inventory should prove the state of a property at the start of a tenancy and help to avoid deposit disputes at the end of a tenancy.

It is not a legal necessity to have an inventory, but it can really pay to have one, whether you are a landlord or a tenant. If you or your tenant or landlord want an inventory and one isn’t provided, you could take a look at using a professional inventory clerk to get one drawn up. You can find out more about this on sites such as https://inventorybase.co.uk/blog/what-does-an-inventory-clerk-do-and-should-i-hire-one/.

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Check and then sign

Both the landlord and the tenant should check the inventory carefully before signing it. The document should offer an overview of the property plus the condition of such things as the floor, walls, ceilings, paintwork, curtains, carpets and any appliances and furniture that come with the property.

The inventory should also say if carbon monoxide and smoke alarms have been provided and are in working order and may contain meter readings.

Do not sign an inventory that you disagree with. Instead, you can amend items and only sign when you are happy with the accuracy.

You can also choose to take photos of anything appropriate that has not been recorded in your inventory. This could include scratches, marks or cracks. You can read more about rental regulations at https://www.gov.uk/housing-local-and-community/rented-housing-sector.

Record repairs

Keep a record of any repairs that you have carried out, whether this is arranged by you or your landlord or tenant. You should also record any instances where things are broken and not repaired and if this has had any effect on you.

Keeping the older generations warm

If your grandparents still live in the same house they have always lived in it’s important to make sure they are staying warm as unfortunately as they age they will be more susceptible to the cold.  You may start to think it’s your duty to help as they have looked after you all your life and your sort of right.  So here are a few things you could do to help them but allow them to keep their independence at the same time. If your grandparents are like any other they are proud and strong.

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A good tip to keep your loved ones warm is to make sure the house is well insulated. You could ask them if they have ever had this installed and if not sometimes if you are lucky the government will help with payments.  At some point you could have been entitled to a winter fuel payment which was between 100 and 300 pound.  You can have attic insulation put in and as heat rises it can make a huge difference to the top side of the house.  Draft proofing the windows and doors is also a great idea to stop any draughts coming in or letting any heat escape.

If their house does get cold rather quickly then perhaps an electric blanket in their bed will be a good idea for when they go to sleep so they can keep cosy while they sleep with a nice thick duvet.  A recommended bedroom temperature is 18c so if you’re concerned about it getting too cold you can always set the thermostat to come in as you go to bed as for just before you get up.

A trick some people use is turning off the heating in any rooms that are not being used so the heating system does not need to work ss hard.

You should set the living room at 21c and the rest of the house 16c for an optimum warmth.

Regular exercise every day will get your heart beating and pump the blood around your body quicker and that in turn will help keep them warm. It will also keep them fit and healthy and stay independent. 

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If you find that their existing family home is getting to big for them to manage or perhaps they find that they interact with people less than they used to, you might want to consider looking at Gloucestershire Park Homes that are established for the over 50s and have a vibrant community feel as well practical single storey homes that are built with age in mind.

Interesting facts about eggs

You may think you know all there is to know about the wonderful world of eggs but here are some facts that may yet surprise you:

  • Egg lovers everywhere will know that you can even buy furniture shaped like an egg. There is something comforting about the oval shape of eggs and one of the most iconic chairs in history creates comfort and relaxation by utilizing this form. For more information about the Egg Chair, visit a site like Pash Classics
  • Eggs from the United States would be illegal in UK supermarkets as they are washed. Vice versa, eggs from Britain are not permitted in the US market because they are not washed.
  • You can unpeel an egg by blowing the shell straight off the egg.
  • The Ostrich Egg Globe may be the world’s oldest, dated back to 1504, to describe the New World, it is engraved with a neat detail in two parts of a conjoined ostrich egg.
  • A person can only absorb approximately half the protein of an egg if you eat it raw as opposed to cooking it. Therefore, the famous Hollywood boxer would have done better by eating fried eggs as opposed to consuming them raw.
  • In 1912, three men set out to recover Antarctic emperor penguin eggs. It was so cold that one person’s teeth chattered so hard that they were destroyed. To add insult to injury, when he got back to the UK, the Natural History Museum said they didn’t want the eggs!
  • Only 1 of every 20,000 eggs may contain bacteria. Thus, the possibility that an egg may contain salmonella is very small – 0.005% (five one-thousandths of one percent). At this level, if you are an average consumer, you may find a contaminated egg once every 84 years.
  • The reason why breakfast is not served all day at McDonalds is mainly due to the temperature required for cooking beef patties on the grill is significantly different from the temperature at which the eggs are cooked.
  • A hen rotates her eggs roughly 50 times a day to prevent the yolk inside from sticking to the side.

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  • A type of chicken called the Araucana Chicken is also known as the Easter Egg Chicken because of its ability to lay coloured eggs naturally – in blue, green, pink, and brown varieties.
  • The Kiwi lays the largest eggs in relation to their body size of any bird species in the world.
  • The word “yolk” is derived from the Old English word meaning “yellow.” Therefore, the egg white and yellow yolk.
  •  Although extremely rare, chickens can lay eggs containing completely formed eggs inside them.

How to buy a house at auction

Buying a house at auction can be a great way to purchase a property. When the hammer falls, you are obliged to buy the property you have bid for; therefore, it is vital to make sure you know your facts.

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Why buy at auction?

The advantage of buying at auction is that it is a fairly instant and transparent process. The sale is agreed on the day, so there is no risk of being gazumped or the vendor pulling out at the last minute; however, there is always the risk that you could lose out in a bidding war for the property of your dreams, which would also mean that you lose any money you may have spent researching and carrying out surveys beforehand.

What you should do ahead of auction day

Make sure that you read the legal pack that accompanies any house being sold at auction; in addition, it is a good idea to have a legal professional look at this.

Do your research into any properties you are interested in, as you don’t want to end up over-paying on auction day. Consider investing in a survey. Experts such as https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/Homebuyers-Survey/Home-Buyers-Survey-Swansea can provide you with a professional report on the condition of a property to save you any nasty surprises after committing to a purchase.

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A home buyers survey Swansea is an example of a report you can have done; however, be prepared to lose the money you invest in the survey should you not go ahead with the purchase for any reason.

Finally, get your finances in order. Should you win the auction, you will need to pay a ten per cent deposit on the day and you then have one month to pay the rest.

Don’t expect to pay the guide price for the property. Very often, the initial price is simply to entice buyers. It is very likely that this will increase on the day.

Where can I find out about property auctions?

A nationwide list of property auctions across the country can be found online.

On the day of the auction

Stay calm. If you have done your research, you will know the limits of what you want to pay. Don’t get carried away in a bidding war and remember that there will always be other properties.

Music Has Power More Than Entertainment In Emotion And Mind

Music is powerful. If you have ever watched movie The Shawshank Redemption, you may remember the scene that when Andy turned up the volume, every people in the Shawshank just stood and listened. It is not only a song from an unknown woman singer, but, well, maybe a sense of freedom or hope, no matter he was a music lover or not.

Undeniable, music is a kind of entertainment to people. While we are enjoying different kinds of music, it is all of one purpose- to entertain. We have music business and the entertainment business. If we dont listen to music to entertain, then what for?

Music has power. The initial and most obvious power of music is the ability to evoke emotions. Some will try to find the peace in music. Some likes dancing with rhythmic music. And some people even consider it as a way of showing the amorphous collection of suppressed emotions, feelings, pastexperiences, and other flotsam and jetsam.

Some types of music can relax us. After having a stressful work day, you may like to listen to some classic music, certain types of jazz, or songs from our favorite singers can physically relax our bodies and distract our minds from the day- at least for a while. I like light music and rhythmic songs, and I also like rap music. But I listen to them in different situation. I know you can understand why I wont listen to the rap music or most mournful music when Im terribly distracted.

You may notice that music in movie can have emotional effect while we are watching them. While you are watching a horror movie, the music can signal us when something scary, threatening or ominous is about to happen. But to a romance, the producer may spend a large amount of money on music that can shift the audiences emotions from moment to moment, from the first time the two leading role meet, to the end, happy ending or tragedy.

Through some experiment and convey, people find that music can open a kind of inner space in which certain experience can happen. Different kinds of music may lead listeners to experience a mental and emotional excursion or trip that seem quite real to them. Its like a dream, but closer. Thats why the film scenes with appropriate music track can influence your mood so much when you know it is only a movie.

Music has the power to heal your body, mind and spirit. The American Music Therapy in a recent research conducted regarding the use of music therapy find significance on how it can cure. Cancer patients instead of taking painkillers listened to Broadway tunes. Those with Alzheimer’s sing along with classical songs. Even pregnant women use music to help them breath and relax during labor. Crying babies listen to lullaby. It benefits not just these ailments but other aging related conditions, substance abuse problems, brain injuries, physical disabilities, acute and chronic pain, psychological disorders as Down syndrome and autism, and people suffering from hypertension as well. Since music affects blood pressure so much.

When someone listens to hard music normally blood pressure raises and if one listens soft and classical music blood pressure lowers down. Interestingly, in the research, all showed positive results.

Have you heard of these historical couriers?

You might not think that there are many world-renowned couriers, but it’s a more important position than you imagine. You may have heard of some of these legends or they might be new to you, but welcome to the world of the amazing courier.


From Greek mythology, Hermes was the son of Zeus and called the Messenger God. He had wings on his feet and was sent on missions to deliver dreams to people or travel alongside mortals to keep them safe from harm.

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Herodotus was born in 484 BC and became a historian. The familiar motto of the U.S Postal Service comes from a Herodotus quote. The gist of what he said was that no inclement weather, nor heat, nor night would them from accomplishing their appointed courses as fast as possible. Now, that’s the kind of dedication you want from your courier service. For Same Day Courier Services, visit allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier-service

Ann Hennis Trotter Bailey

Ann Bailey was given the rather unkind nickname ‘Mad Ann’. Probably because nobody else would attempt what she did. She worked as a scout and messenger during the American Revolution and once rode a 100-mile journey just to bring back gun powder.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere is possibly the most famous historical messenger. During the American Revolution, he rode throughout the night to warn the colonists in Lexington and Concord that the British were on their way. Now, this is a messenger you want on your side.

Commander Travis

Whilst defending the famous Alamo in 1834, Travis hired couriers out into the local communities to seek reinforcements.

Wells Fargo

This is a name you might recognise as one of the leading financial organisations in the United States. In 1852, they became the first package delivery service in the country. They specialised in transporting premium items like gold and other packages across a massive network of their offices.

2nd Cavalry Regiment

During World War I, around 400 men worked as couriers and scouts in the French and American efforts to thwart the German forces.

Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake became the most decorated female service woman in the Allied forces. She served as a courier for the French Resistance and had the nickname the ‘white mouse’. She became number one on the Gestapo’s most wanted list of spies.

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For many centuries, couriers have been steadfastly delivering documents, packages and news across all corners of the globe in all manner of conditions and even danger. The couriers in this list received fame for their dedication, reliability and ability to work through problems.

Goldman Sachs Warns On Brexit And Investment Plans

It’s fair to say there are many eyes on the UK and the current stalled attempts at leaving the EU. But few have more interest than those in the banking sector, such as Goldman Sachs. The new chief executive of the internationally renowned investment bank and financial services company recently spoke of his concerns for British investment if we come crashing out of Europe without a deal.

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A difficult Brexit

Speaking to media from the World Economic Forum, David Solomon said things such as Brexit would have an impact on the investment decisions and business decisions that business leaders make. This impact could be vast when we consider that Goldman Sachs currently employs around 6,000 staff members in the UK.

This staffing number has taken a hit over the recent months, with a small percentage of staff being asked to relocate to other areas of Europe. Here in the UK, the Goldman Sachs UK workforce is stagnant, whereas areas such as Frankfurt, Paris and Stockholm have hired hundreds of extra members for their European workforce. With Goldman Sachs recently increasing their odds of a no deal Brexit, it’s possible that the UK staffing exodus will continue into the future – http://fortune.com/2019/01/30/goldman-sachs-no-deal-brexit-odds/.

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Will Brexit affect personal investments?

But is the bank being overly cautious in the face of an unknown Brexit outcome? It would certainly seem that way when we take a look at the current FTSE performance for small caps. These have currently returned around 38% over the last two years, compared to 31% for the FTSE 100. However, the UK has reported the slowest economic growth out of all of the G7 members, suggesting Brexit is having a harsher effect than first thought.

Financial adviser software

We turn to financial adviser software to help manage client portfolios with extra care. By opting for carefully selected tech such as financial adviser software you will be able to keep an eye on real-time data to help predict upcoming trends and avoid the pitfalls of a slow-moving investment industry.

It’s worth noting that the leisure industry and other luxury spending such as holidays, cars and home purchases continue to be less prominent than it was earlier. What this means is searching for the right investments for your clients is likely to take careful research to provide a decent return.

A Five-Step Plan to Get Your Home in Shape for 2019

With Christmas seeming like a far-off memory, and as the cold weather of January settles in, now is the perfect time to make positive changes and prepare your living environment for the year ahead.

Home in Shape

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Read our five-step plan to get your home in shape for 2019.

  1. Warm Your Home

In the winter, you may notice that your home tends to feel draughty and cold. Draught-proofing windows and doors is an affordable and simple way to heat your home and reduce energy bills and is a task that you could even complete yourself.

Installing insulation can come at an expensive price; however, it significantly reduces energy bills and heat loss. Cavity wall insulation, for example, takes less than five years to pay off the investment through energy efficiency savings.

  1. Reduce Your Energy Usage

With energy bills set to rise now is the ideal time to tighten our belts and analyze our energy tariffs and usage.

An energy monitor could help you keep track of how much energy you use and provide clues in how you could cut back. Smart thermostats are another innovative technology which allows you to take control of your heating, where you can turn your heating on or off remotely via an internet connection.

energy bills

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Comparing energy providers can also really help you save money on your bills.

  1. Locate any Damp

Check your home for signs of damp, including patches on walls, mold around windows or stained skirting boards.

Damp can easily affect your property, so it is vital to spot and treat problems as soon as you see them. A dehumidifier could help reduce the amount of condensation and damp in your home.

  1. Test Your Boiler

Annual service for your boiler is essential in keeping it running safely and smoothly, especially in the colder months. Ensure you hire an engineer who is Gas Safe registered to conduct the work.

For a Gloucester boiler service, contact a company such as hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester

  1. Purify the Air

Air purifiers are a great idea to reduce the number of pollutants contained in the air, such as smoke, pollen, and dust.

They are particularly useful if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, with some models even switching on automatically if they sense a drop in the air quality.

When you want more than the fireworks to sparkly on New Year’s Eve

We are now well into January and the memories of New Year’s Eve are probably starting to fade. But if you are already planning your next party you might to take a look at some of our tips for planning the perfect get together.

Before you even start to think about what food you are going to serve and whether you are going to ask your guests to dress up formally or perhaps in something sophisticated but smart like the Farah Shirts that you can find at E J Menswear, you should think about who you are going to invite. Once you have the guest list sorted and the total number of people you can start working your way through the most exciting parts of the party planning.

Theme – deciding on a theme will depend very much on what time of year you are holding the party and whether you have a list of guests that are into themed events. If you decide to stay away from the theme party, you will still want to think about how you are going to decorate you chosen venue or your home. This may be linked to the time of year, such as red and golds for Christmas time or all things sparkly for New Year’s. Equally if your party is to celebrate the impending birth of a baby the decor again will be slightly different.

After your guests have confirmed whether or not they will be attending your party you can start to plan and finalize the catering. This could be anything from an outdoor pizza oven through to the standard buffet style set up. It is best to think about using a professional catering firm where your budget will allow as they will be aware of the quantity of food that will be need for the number of guests that you have attending. Desserts are always incredibly popular and so over ordering on these is always a good idea.

Drinks is the next item to look at. You can hire mobile bars that will deal with all of your drink needs for you or you can buy in your own drinks and serve them. When looking at venues to hold your party you may find that the one you choose will offer a service that includes food and drinks.