Keeping the older generations warm

If your grandparents still live in the same house they have always lived in it’s important to make sure they are staying warm as unfortunately as they age they will be more susceptible to the cold.  You may start to think it’s your duty to help as they have looked after you all your life and your sort of right.  So here are a few things you could do to help them but allow them to keep their independence at the same time. If your grandparents are like any other they are proud and strong.

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A good tip to keep your loved ones warm is to make sure the house is well insulated. You could ask them if they have ever had this installed and if not sometimes if you are lucky the government will help with payments.  At some point you could have been entitled to a winter fuel payment which was between 100 and 300 pound.  You can have attic insulation put in and as heat rises it can make a huge difference to the top side of the house.  Draft proofing the windows and doors is also a great idea to stop any draughts coming in or letting any heat escape.

If their house does get cold rather quickly then perhaps an electric blanket in their bed will be a good idea for when they go to sleep so they can keep cosy while they sleep with a nice thick duvet.  A recommended bedroom temperature is 18c so if you’re concerned about it getting too cold you can always set the thermostat to come in as you go to bed as for just before you get up.

A trick some people use is turning off the heating in any rooms that are not being used so the heating system does not need to work ss hard.

You should set the living room at 21c and the rest of the house 16c for an optimum warmth.

Regular exercise every day will get your heart beating and pump the blood around your body quicker and that in turn will help keep them warm. It will also keep them fit and healthy and stay independent. 

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If you find that their existing family home is getting to big for them to manage or perhaps they find that they interact with people less than they used to, you might want to consider looking at Gloucestershire Park Homes that are established for the over 50s and have a vibrant community feel as well practical single storey homes that are built with age in mind.