Drinking Games A-Z Circle of Death

The Circle of Death drinking game is easy to play but hard to master, with a Sip Score of 5! (High- sipping game)

Game Description: The cards tell you what to do, when to drink and how much to imbibe. Each card corresponds to a number of sips the selecting player must take from their drink. Different numbers/suits mean different actions, etc.

Number of Players: Minimum of 4

You Will Need: A pitcher of beer, an additional pint of beer for the center of the table, a pack of cards, and an empty bladder.

How to Play: Sit around a table with the pitcher of beer and pint of beer in the middle with the pack of cards fanned out in a circular formation, with each card touching another. The first person to take their turn starts the game by selecting a card from the circle while making sure all remaining cards are touching. As glasses empty, make sure everyone’s drinks are refreshed to continue playing.

Rules of the Game:

Red cards: Give a drink. Nominate a person to receive a drink from the circle.

Black cards: Take a drink. The selecting party must TAKE A DRINK!

BLACK NUMBERS2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10: Selector must take sips amounting to the number on the card.

RED NUMBERS 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10: Selector must nominate another lucky player to take sips amounting to the number of the card. If the selector is wishes to divide the number of sips between several players instead of just one, he or she may do so.

NUMBER 4: All female players must take a sip

NUMBER 6: All male players must take a sip

NUMBER 9:It’s rhyme time! The selector must say one rhyming line. Rhyme time continues as each player adds a line of rhyme and selects a new card until stumbles and fluffs up their line or until a Queen is pulled; whichever happens first. The selector of a Queen is out of Rhyme Time and the remaining players continue until they mess up or select a Queen until everyone has taken their turn at least once.

KING: The selector must declare “Never Have I Ever” with a true statement about something they have never done. The rest of the players have to take a sip of their drinks if they HAVE done the deed in question.

ACE: The Ace is the “drain your cup” card for all players. The selector must also down the pint of beer sitting in the middle of the table.

JACK: The Jacks can act as color cards, or you can ascribe your own bespoke rules to jacks for extra fun!

You Lose: If you select a card that leaves the remaining cards as a broken circle with some not touching others. The first person to break the ring by selecting a card and leaving two that are not connected must drain their cup. Then push back together and continue playing if you want to!